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Frame Tents for sale in South Africa by Africa Tents was established in 2013 and have reinvented the tent manufacturing world with ingenuity and creative strategies. Read more


High Quality Manufacturers of Tents, Mobile Chillers, Mobile Coldrooms, Mobile Freezers, Mobile Kitchens, Mobile VIP Toilets, Plastic Toilets, Water Tanks and Plastic Chairs


We offer customers a 10 year workmanship warranty on our tents. Customers are also entitled to a lay-bye option as one of our services we offer


TOP Pole Tent Manufacturers SA. Includes Poles, Pegs & Ropes. Tents For Events, Functions, Parties

Stretch Tents For Sale, Buy stunning Bedouin Stretch Tents Now. Buy now With Heavy Duty PVC Covers At Half The Price

Frame tents for sale looks much the same as a peg and pole tent, except the difference is that a Frame tent get quote

Alpine Tents For Sale are more appealing compared to the traditional peg & pole tents, we design alpine tents for eg circus

Classic Tents for sale With the assistance of the computers, this range of tensile structures boasts many unique advantages over conventional peg & pole marquees

Star tents for sale from the manufacture to South Africa an Africa. Star tents has the dual purpose of providing both eye-catching branding as well as shelter for your tent.

Inflatable tents For Sale props are a hit, they set up in a flash and are easy to manage. The nature of the inflatable enables them to be massive yet light weight and easy to use.

Bedouin Tents For Sale. These tents are Fire Retardant, Anti-Fungal & Water Repellent. Buy Bedouin Stretch Tents For Sale With Heavy Duty PVC Covers At Half The Price

Mobile Kitchens for sale are unique and has all the features to get your business ready on the go. Gas stove, sink

Mobile chiller for sale in SA and Africa direct from the manufacturer. We are the leading suppliers of mobile freezer

VIP Toilets For Sale in South Africa, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria.We Manufacture VIP Toilets in SA

Portable Toilets in SA direct from the manufacturer at the cheap prices. Leading supplier of chemical toilets.

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Largest Manufacturer Of Tents, Mobile Cold Rooms, Plastic Toilets & VIP Toilets
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