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Deal 13 – Stretch Tents For Sale 5m x 10m


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Stretch Tents For Sale 5MX10M

Our Popular Stretch Tents For Sale Are 5m x 10m in size Our Common Colours Are Beige and White

Stretch tents for sale were introduced into the stretch tent industry in 2003 and the Africa stretch tent offer a uniquely different perspective to your standard event tent to create a free-form tent structure that will transform any event from ordinary to extraordinary,
Africa stretch tent quickly caught the attention of the event tenting industry. Our stretch tents now have become the preferred tent choice for a wedding tent, party tent, funeral tent, corporate event tent and a private function. The Africa stretch tent is the leading stretch tents manufacturer in the world.
Unlike other stretch tent companies, we have the ability to ensure our clients are offered the best quality product, utilising advanced manufacturing techniques.

The Africa stretch tent for sale fabric details:

    A fabric is treated with a fluorocarbon chemical that helps it to repel water and oil, as well as act as a protective barrier from stains and the accumulation of dirt particles.
    A fabric treatment that provides protection against fungal and bacterial infection.
    This treatment is designed to give flame retardant properties to woven, knitted, and non-woven textiles. There are much different for standards, so solutions are customised to the customer fabric and the required specification.
    This treatment is designed to provide protection against the harsh UV rays of the sun.
    A fabric is treated to provide waterproofing. This can be obtained via a coating, impregnation, or by application of a waterproof membrane

In 2016 Africa stretch tents for sale manufacturers have introduced the latest platinum series, gold series and silver series in stretch tents.

Stretch Tents For Sale Manufacturers In South Africa

Platinum series: 100%waterproof with the latest seam sealing technologies that does not require any stitching to this series of the stretch tent. Special innovative bolt on and off system that is the latest and only design in the stretch tent industry. The Africa stretch tent is the first stretch tent manufacturer with this unique technique in Africa. This makes it easy for stretch tent installation, which now will reduce the rigging and installation time.




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